Getting a new place is always a great thing but everyone wants to live at a clean home. This might be challenging to achieve on the day you move in. This is why you are better off calling Housekeeper Chicago for such sanitation project. Our workers are prepared to provide you with the most advanced moving in cleaning in Illinois and you will quickly see it for yourself.

Pay less by hiring our company and take advantage of exclusive deals for new customers. Our one-time cleaning procedure may turn into a regular thing thus giving you even better prices. You can opt for additional services such as:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Junk removal
  • One-off cleaning
  • Jet wash cleaning
  • Landscaping rubbish disposal

If you do so you will be eligible to get a package deal. Check out our ongoing offers in the respective section of our website.

Trust our expertise and experience

Moving OutCleaning an empty space is not as easy as it sounds and it should be left to the pros. Our Chicago Moving in cleaning has received excellent reviews mainly because our technicians are simply too good. They undergo specific training sessions held in-house by our own experts. We coach them to pay attention to detail and to clean quickly but exceptionally effectively. Their production is aided by top grade equipment. We have made sure that we stay up to date with all the current trends in our business. Thus we always have the most advanced cleaning tools and supplies. While powerful, our detergents are water-based and are basically harmless. Nothing that we clean with is toxic or in any way threatening the environment. Housekeeper Chicago takes pride at being a “green” company. Our soft brushes and mops will not harm anything in your new property and will leave behind a nice scent.

Some of the techniques which we use are vacuuming, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Many times we need to combine them together in order to achieve the desired effect. Call us for a free consult on your particular case.

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