Trust our expertise and knowledge and hire us for any type of cleaning projects you might have at home. With Housekeeper Chicago you are guaranteed to get the finest offers at the lowest prices. We believe that our services have to remain affordable so that we can be available for anyone. There is nothing our able technicians won’t sanitize both at your home and office. We are a fully licensed company and thus are permitted to handle even the most complex machinery and office equipment. Additionally with us you will get:

  • Hard work
  • Respect
  • Flexibility
  • Precision
  • Convenience

Our goal is to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The way our reviews look so far, we can safely say that our Chicago house cleaning services are  the most reputable and popular ones in the area. The reasons for our elite status are many but among them is the fact that we have exceptionally well prepared cleaners. We spend plenty of time working on our workers’ skills as we constantly strive for improvement. Our experts teach them how to utilize the commercial cleaning machinery which we have along with the detergents, mops and sponges. Housekeeper Chicago are devoted to bringing you the most up to date purification assistance. We also think that as you have us over for a domestic sanitation help in Chicago you want to have a good time. This is why our technicians are friendly and very outgoing. You can expect only positive vibes and can also take advantage of their knowledge by asking for tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean home in the future.

We have commercial grade cleaning materials

While it is clear that an outstanding team of workers is essential to the success of every top grade housekeeper company in Chicago, we also know that we need advanced sanitation tools. What we use is not found in the supermarkets and is mainly for professional use. Our materials and equipment are state of the art and significantly reduce the time needed for any Chicago sanitation task. Nothing that we use will harm the environment or the living things around. Our technicians apply only nontoxic solutions and most of them are water-based. There no heavy chemicals – just odorless detergents which do not require any extra safety equipment. We are also careful with your furniture and other objects. Don’t expect damage to be caused. Our brushes are gentle and no scratches will occur. If you get Housekeeper Chicago for a dry cleaning procedure we will be careful with the fabric and the finish of your pieces. This is especially true during Illinois carpet cleaning or upholstery purification. You can also book us to clean:

  1. Mattresses
  2. Curtains
  3. Floors
  4. Whole rooms
  5. Ovens

Our cleaning methods also matter. We will diagnose every problem you have and will find theright way to approach it. Regular Chicago cleaning usually requires vacuuming. This is good for carpets, floor even mattresses and curtains. The latter could sometimes even use a good old-fashioned beating if required. Housekeeper Chicago has powerful machinery with great suction and we will make sure to rid you of all the dust particles around.

Steam cleaning is another one of our most popular methods and it is also exceptionally effective. It can be applied to basically every surface. Hard floors can easily be sanitized using it but we can also take care of your carpet too. Sometimes vacuuming is not enough and germs need some extra effort in order to disappear. Regular Chicago steam cleaning can also be applied to curtains and mattresses.

Flexible hours are available for cleaning services in Chicago

Convenience is an important part of our business and this is why we are always available for a handy cleaning job in Chicago. Call our numbers and make a booking even for a weekend sanitation. This trait of ours is especially good for business cleaning. Housekeeping Chicago will always make sure that you do not need to alter your schedule because of our visit.

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